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"Home Again"

When we bought the old country store in St. Gabriel (Aubrey J. Laplace & Co.) from the LeBlanc Estate, 25 years ago, we were informed that the old register did not come with the store, so Gordon LeBlanc took it out.  One Sunday, we were at a church (St. Gabriel Catholic Church) helping with  a fundraiser.  Mr. L. J. Harelson came up to me and said; “You know that old register that was in the store?”  I said; “Yes, I remember.”  He said “I have it.  It’s in my shed, It’s been there about ten years.  Want it back?”  I said; “Of Course!”  Mr. Harelson went on to tell me that Mr. LeBlanc owed him $200.00, so instead of giving him his money, he gave him the old register instead.  He told me if I gave him $200.00, which is what Mr. Gordon owned him; We could have the resister back.   So we gave Mr. Harelson the money, with a smile on our face.    My son and 3 of his friends went  to pick the register up ( which dates back to January 25, 1910) and now the old register in back in the store where it belongs! We put it right back in the place it originally was.  It’s so beautiful!   It makes the store look complete.  What a Blessing!

It pays to go to Church!  God works in mysteries way.

Wayne & Theresa
St. Gabriel Grocery & Deli

3495 Highway 75, St. Gabriel, LA. 70776
Phone (225) 642-5545